Zet in passive 2

Zet de zinnen in de passive. Laat geen woorden weg.

Voer uw email in:

1. The technician has not repaired the DVD recorder.

2. They play handball

3. My mom was cleaning my room

4. Mary crashed into the blue car

5. Debby reads the book

6. Alex learned the poem

7. He has forgotten his shoes

8. he reads book

9. She broke an expensive glass

10. Julia rescued three cats

11. Sue puts the rucksack on the floor

12. Carrie learnt new dance moves

13. The teacher is not going to open the window.

14. Henry plays soccer

15. Dim has not  changed the question

16. My brother is finishing his home work

17. The girls had lost the match

18. I have broken that record

19. The students handed in the reports

20. I am downloading a movie

21. Steven has forgotten the book

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