Mutch many 2

Er zijn ook bevestigende zinnen waar je much/many kunt gebruiken. Kies in deze oefening wederom tussen a lot of, much, many. Succes!

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1. If you just drank way too ______ coffee, here’s what you should do.

2. How _______ plastics does it take to kill a sea turtle.

3. Not that __________ people have been through what I’ve been through

4. Mahatma Gandhi was ___________ more than a freedom fighter.

5. ________ pupils found the test too difficult

6. The first of __________ goals! – Ronaldo praised after ending Juve goal drought.

7. Sure. Take as _______ pieces of paper as you need.

8. The car industry still has __________ growing to do.

9. Peter thinks there is too ___________ paint being used.

10. There is still ___________ anger over financial risks.

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