Cambridge words 7

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1. To say firmly and often that something is true, especially when other people think it may not be true. Mike i__________ that he was right.

denk om vervoeging en tijd/verleden/tegenwoordig

2. To put food or other goods into a bag, box etc., ready to be sold or send. The code informs us where and when a product was p___________

3. To connect several computers together so that they can share information. We need to n________ the new set of computers.

4. The documentary series, e_________ “Surgeons” , was a great success. If something has the right to use a specific title. After he saved the man out of a burning car he was called a hero.

5. To recognize and correctly name someone or something. He was too far away to be able to i_______ faces.

6. To try to judge the value, size, speed, cost etc., of something, without calculating it exactly. This tree is e________ to be at least 700 years old.

7. To give something, especially money, to a person or an organization in order to help them. Last year he d____________ 1000 euro to cancer research

denk om de vervoeging, tegenwoordige/ verleden tijd

8. To change food that you have just eaten into substances that your body can use. Most babies can d________ a wide range of food easily.

9. To make something continue in the same way or at the same standard as before. Carreer Officers m________ contact with young people when they have left school.

10. To reduceer something that is difficult, dangerous, or unpleasant to the smalles possible amount or degree. Every effort is being made to m________ the damage caused by the storm

11. To reduce the amount of money, time, goods, etc., that you use. Higher taxes encourage people to e____________ on fuel.

12. To become larger in size, number, or amount, or to make something become larger. Water e_________ as it freezes.

13. To make it possible for someone to do something, or for something to happen. The loan e________ Jan to buy the house.

14. To save something or someone from being harmed or destroyed. We must encourage the planting of new trees and p________ our natural woodlands.

15. If a solid vanishes in a liquid if you mix it with a liquid. Stir until the sugar d_________

16. If something becomes bigger in amount, number or degree you call that i__________.

17. To prepare and use land for growing crops and plants. The land was too rocky to c________ .

18. To become twice as big or twice as much, or to make something twice as big or twice as much. Within two years the company had d_________ in size.

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