Cambridge words 6

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In order to help, improve, or please someone or something. I only went for Kay’s s___________


2. To understand how serious or important a situation or problem is or what someone’s feelings are. He did not fully a___________ the significance of signing the contract.

3. Used to say that someone refused to allow someone to do or to behave in a particular way. Our marriage had r______ the end of the line

4. A way of working or living that causes you a lot of anxiety, especially because you feel you have many things to do. I’m under constant p___________ at work

5. To gradually change your behaviour and attitudes in order to be successful in a new situation. The children find it hard to a_________ to the new school.

6. to get rid of something or stop using it. People thought that the use of robots would do a_______ with boring low-paid factory jobs.

7. To eat or drink something. Don’t c_________ alcohol in public places.

8. To have an idea, opinion or feeling about someone or something because of the way they seem.  When we looked around the school we got a very good i_________

9. To keep someone or something within the limits of a particular activity or subject. The police cadet’s duties were c__________ to taking statements from the crowd.

10. To have an idea or discover something suddenly or unexpectedly.  The we h_____ upon the idea of asking viewers to donate money over the internet.

11. Thought to be important or valuable. First impression really do c________ .

12. To change from doing or using one thing to doing or using another. She worked as a librarian before s________ to journalism.

13. You say this if things happen in the way you want. With any l________ our plane will be delayed and won’t miss our flight after all.

14. To have existed since a particular time in the past. This building d_______ back to the 13th century.

15. To exist or happen only in a particular place, group, or area of activity. The damage was l_______ to the roof.

16. To try to make something fit into a space that is too small or to try to get into such space. We could probably s________ in a few more people.

17. To thoroughly mix together soft or liquid substances to form a single smooth substance.   After that you b______ the sugar, eggs and flour.

18. If one process k______ up with another, it increases at the same speed and by the same amount.

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