Cambridge words 5

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1. If you drive too fast you always have the r__________ that you have an accident. The possibility that something bad, unpleasant or dangerous may happen.

2. That what you want is so very easy it is no r__________ ________

Used to say that something is not difficult to do or understand

3. If you are planning for your Holliday  what you are going to do or when you are going to do that, you can say that you have a s_________

A plan of what someone is going to do and when they are going to do it

4. If you dive in the ocean you can see s_________ growing on the bottom.


A plant that grows in the sea

5. An amount of one type of food give to one person is called s___________

6. A thick drink made of fruit and fruit juices mixed together, sometimes with ice, milk, or yoghurt is called a s____________

7. The s__________ bean is a product of Asia and comes from a plant, the also make oil of it

8. A talk, especially a formal one about a particular subject, given to a group go people.

Each student had to give a short s________ to the rest of the class

9. A Japanese form of wrestling, done by men who very large and fat. These athletes are called s________ wrestlers

10. An idea or set ideas that is intended to explain something about life or the world, especially an idea that has not yet been proved to be true. He has a t________ that the earth is a pancake.

11. A copy of something that has been changed so that it is slightly different. The company will release a new v_________ of the software.

12. A chemical substance in food that is necessary for good health. Oranges are a good source of v______ C.

13. A large amount of money, property etcetera that a person or country owns. For a man of his w_______ he’s not exactly generous.

14. If you have wifi in your house than you can call that w___________ networking,

A way of connecting computers or other electronic machines to a network by using radio signals rather than wires.

15. A person who wrestles as a sport is called a w__________

16. To make people feel very interested and exited than you c_______ the public  imagination.

17. To find something by chance. Discover by a_________

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