Cambridge words 4

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1. A small round seed like a been is a l_______

2. When you get something that is newer or better than the one you had before. We need a r____________ while our car is being repaired.

3. A way of doing something that has been officially agreed and chosen by a political party, a business or another organization. You call that p__________.


4. An article in a newspaper or magazine that gives an opinion about a new book, play, film etc. The owners were happy about the r___________ the critic had written about their restaurants.

5. Wilders need a lot of p________ since he said that he wanted les Maroccans in Holland. He received a lot of threats.

6. A sum of money set aside for a specific purpose is called a f__________

7. A mix of two different “rases” or different species is called  h_________. A car who has different possibilities is also a h__________

8. An i_________ puts money in something in the hope to make a profit

9. Something that you feel or do because of something that has happened or being said.

If you punch me on the nose my r_________ will be a loud scream!!!


10. If you drink milk directly from the cow it is in a n________ state. There are no additions like for example sugar or salt

11. A product of mixing is called m_________


12. A reason that you have for opposing or disapproving of something. Also a lawyer will make o_________ when he disagreed with something in the courtyard.

13. The amount of food or drink you swallow is called the i________

14. Very thin people suffer from o___________


15. You can give a n_________ to a plant or an animal. Any substance that nourishes (voedt, verzorgt) an organism.

16. If you have special knowledge of what you have to give a plant to grow than you are a n__________


17. Food that is not healthy is called j_______ __________


18. A strong need or desire for food is called h____________

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