Cambridge words 3

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1. You can find this substance in coffee or tea and it gives you a more active feeling. It’s called c___________.

2. Drugs can give you a good feeling but the d__________ is that it makes you addictive.

3. The couple planned a f_______ to show their friends that they were 40 years married.

4. Someone who judge about things is called a c___________.

5. When you place furniture and paintings in a house than you call that d________. Sometimes the d________ is a mix of antique and modern.

6. A d_______ is someone who eats in a restaurant.

7. C_____________ is a type of chili pepper.

8. A d_________ is a period of ten years.

9. In the d______ on a farm you find where the milk is and also where the butter and cheese are made.

10. The one who invented the bicycle is the one you can call the c__________.

11. If Apple brings a new phone on the market than you will see that people want to have it, you can call that d________. There is more d________ for that product.

12. If you have remarks that say what you think is not good or bad, you call that c___________.

13. A c_________ is the amount of energy that food will produce.

14. If fuel gets cheap, you will see that fuel c____________ will rise. More people will buy fuel.

15. If a substance is very concentrated than you call it an e________.

16. A c______________ is a large monkey without a tail.

17. If you mix different things than you get a c____________. Also witches use that. Often they are made by mixing things you normally wouldn’t mix.

18. The judge charged him for 6 years in prison because there was plenty of e____________, they could proof that he was guilty.

19. The police have found no e_________ of a terrorist link with the murder.

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