Cambridge words 2

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1. I am always trying to be in good shape so I eat less to l_______ _________

2. He did not win the lottery again, he has had no luck w_____________

used to emphasize a negative statement.

3. Look, there is a flat pale nu with brown skin and it taste sweet, it is called an a___________.

4. In this town they make beer on the way they did that in 1846. It is an a_____________ made product.

5. When Trump announced that corona was nothing his statement went v_______ on Twitter

6. I stood with a lot of other people beside the a_____ ________. It was my job to fill the bottle, the other person in the line had to put the bottle in  a box.

7. Most people come to this place for the a_________. If you have stress than you can relax there.

The feeling that an event or place gives to you.

8. The corona disease spreads very r_________

9. They say that Jezus walked on water and that he could heal the sick people. They call that a w________.

Sometimes you w___________ if someone is telling the truth.

10. The Russian a______ was killed by the landing on the moon.

11. If I win some money I would s_________ it with my friends. They would get some money.

12. I solved the problem that was very s_________. It gave me a very good feeling.

13. When I heard my wife was expecting a baby I was very t___________.

14. The a_________ is a simple plant without stems or leaves. They grow near water.

15. I am the king you have to obey me. I am very s___________.

16. Nowadays she has a b_________ _________ that contains the right ingredients.  She will not gain weight and will stay healthy.

17. You can say that it is very u_________ when it is snowing in June.

18. I am sorry for my hurtful words. I did not mean it, it was u___________.


19. A b_______ is a plant with a dark red root that you can eat as a vegetable.

20. These pair of shoes are on o_____  ____ so please buy them

21. I had a big bum on my head when I hit the table. It was a very s________ table. It was made of wood. It is better to have a rubber table.

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