Cambridge words 1

Lees de tekst goed. Gebruik altijd kleine letters. De eerste letter van het goede antwoord is reeds gegeven.

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1. Wholemeal bread is very n__________ and it will keep you healthy

2. when I was young you had tapes to record music on. Nowadays we call that o_________ because there are now more modern machines.

3. If something decrease in quantity or importance you call it d_________

4. If a substance especially a drug, is a__________ your body needs it regularly

5. The dog did not listen very well. He reacted very slow and did not listen to what he was ordered to do. He was r__________

6. If you are planning to invite the queen you have to organise it in a very f________ way

7. What he has made, is so unusual and interesting, it is really a n____________ idea.

8. It was very dark and I was really scared. I heard the wolves it was a c________ sound

9. My grandma was dying but suddenly she recovered. It was unbelievable it was m__________


10. If you are looking for a parking place for your car in a very big town, a small car is much more f________


11. This farm does not use any artificial chemicals, you can say that they are producing by o_________ methods. They don’t use chemicals.

12. She is really a________ to drugs. She can’t live without it

13. They told us that we have enough money to buy it, they called it a__________ housing but it was certainly not within our budget.

14. The cheese of Holland is very good it has a f__________

15. Don’t touch that water it is much to hot it is b________


16. This boy was very mad and he behaved in a very a_____________ way. I was really scared of him.

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