a little a few

Naast “veel” kennen we ook “weinig” (little/few) een beetje (a little/a few). Net zoals je many voor telbare zelfstandige naamwoorden gebruikt en many voor niet telbare.. Zo geldt dat ook voor enerzijds Few en a few (telbaar) en little en alittle (niet telbaar). Kies het juiste antwoord.

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1. 49ers have ________ to celebrate after 30 – 27 win over Lions but losing two star players.


2. The global financial crises has inspired ______________ meaningful reform. It’s still a mess.


3. Kavanaugh’s Supreme Court bid in hands of __________ senators.


4. This picture signaled an end to segregation. Why has so __________ changed?


5. Give it __________ more days before coming back to hurricane areas.


6. Emmy’s night _______ fun facts.


7. This is why we all are just ________ bit jealous of the Royal Family.


8. The coach was just _________ bit worried about the small victory


9. I have __________ things to say to you. So give me a minute.


10. The amusement park saw ___________ visitors because of the bad weather.


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